Screening Committee

The screening committee will assess your project and decide on your acceptance into the Healthcare City.


City team


Nuno Carvalho - 2016-03-18 -5163

Nuno Carvalho

Inês Matias 2016-04-13 -5736
Inês Matias
Pulse Manager

José Leal -2016-03-18 - 5154

Jose Leal
Scientific Director

João Cortina 2016-04-07 - 5724

Joan Cortina
Medical Director





Antonio Jacinto
António Jacinto, PhD
Vice-Dean at Nova Medical School

José Antunes_Medical Director_Janssen

José Antunes
Medical Director Janssen


Nuno Horta
Médis Innovation Manager


Cristina Quadrat _administradora Lusiadas

Cristina Quadrat Silva
Board Member at Lusíadas


Call for Proposals end on May 20th