You have 2 different ways to access the Healthcare City, and it all depends on the maturity level of your idea/project:

11 Health Market Program and High Jump


What is it?

The 11 Health Market Program is a training program for all healthcare innovators who need that extra push to get their business model done and validated.

It’s a 11 week training program where we have two main goals:

  • to find ideas with great potential and great teams.
  • help them structuring and validate business models through a close relationship with the market and healthcare sector specialists.

You will finish this program with the tools, resources, know how and network you need to launch a healthcare business.

For whom?

For anyone with an idea or business that will solve a problem or improve a process in the healthcare sector, from pharma to hospital or even the insurance sector.

For more info, visit the 11 Health Market Program page.


High Jump WebBanner

What is it?

On the other side, High Jump is for scale up businesses in the healthcare and well-being sector.

This is for founders, entrepreneurs, startups who have a well-established product and want to take their startup to the next level, namely you want to:

  • Scale up your company – expand your sales by getting new clients or reaching new markets.
  • License you product or service – licensing your product or service to big companies.
  • Soft Landing–  use Portugal as a platform for the European market.

For whom?

To be a high jumper, you need to:

Have a product or service that can expand to international markets, sales and a dedicated team.


Have a product ready to be licensed.

For more info, visit the High Jump page.




Arenas are what we call “special calls”. They are thematic challenges where we look for solutions for specific problems, search for innovations in a specific medical field, challenge university students to present their ideas, etc.

These are custom-made programs, where we define the topic and the challenge with the client (corporate, patient association, big medical event organisation, etc), manage the entire call and prepare applicants to present their business ideas at the final event (which can a medical conference or even a life science event).

Take a look at the Arenas that we organized: Life Science Arena and Cardio Arena

Life Science ArenaWe challenge all life sciences and medical postdoctoral fellows and students attending the meeting “Career Opportunities for PostDoctoral Researchers in Life Sciences” to get out of their comfort zone and participate in a business oriented bootcamp focusing on the health and well-being domains!!


Cardio ArenaAre you a medical doctor, student or a health-entrepreneur with an innovative idea in the cardiology field?

Then participate in the biggest cardio-innovation challenge in Portugal


Call for Proposals end on May 20th