Our Ecosystem

What happens at the Healthcare City?
At the Healthcare City by Nova Medical School you will find a complete ecosystem to expand your business globally. Here is a summary of the Ecosystem – explore it and the rest of our site to discover more about us.

The City Team

Our team will work closely with you on a daily basis to support you, give you the right tools for you to grow and understand your needs. We will be very active with you. We will not only guide you but also help you to take that crucial big step to get the capital you need to grow, the interaction with our Founders so you can reach the market faster, the advice you need to avoid mistakes, etc., in a word, to put you in the spotlight and make your company successful globally. We will also learn from you by promoting feedback to ascertain where can we assist you more and better.

The City Team

Our Founders

You will enjoy opportunities that most people do not have. Unlike other programs where we you find big companies to present your idea only on the Demo Day, here you will meet and collaborate with them during all the phases of your growth, getting feedback based on real market needs, having a place to test your product or service, and a chance to go directly to the market using our Founders’ structure.


Corporate & Collaborative Services

Because any company needs a wide range of services (such as financial, marketing, or legal), we will provide you with a network of partners who will help you in a variety of areas.

Corporate Services: Is where you can find a network of service partners where we will fight for the competitive prices and quality of service that you need to run your company. Also included here are the laboratory services for researchers, where you will find a platform to book equipment for research on a pay-per-use basis at our laboratories as well as a complete catalog with more than 3,000 products for you to choose.

Collaborative Services: Include relationships with co-developers. For example, if you are developing a software that needs an algorithm but you need assistance in developing it, here is where you can find a partner to help in that step in the development, taking you to the next level faster.

We ensure things run more easily with all the services or collaborations that we know will facilitate your life, meaning you are left to focus on moving forward with developing your ideas.


The goal of our program is to prepare you for one of the hardest moments in a startup’s life: selling to the industry, in this case to our Founders.

More information about our program here.


Our mentors come from a wide variety of areas, such as business, medical, scientific, marketing, sales, and much more. Learn more about who they are and what they offer here.


Our network of investors starts internally with our Founders, who are actively looking for the best project to invest in. Apart from this we have a network of Business Angels to help you to cover your initial costs so you can do proof of concept on your product or service before you go to investment rounds with our venture capital international partners.

Office & Lab Facilities

You will find a modern office space to settle in with your team and work alongside other entrepreneurs in the health care sector. At the offices we have space to work, meet, relax and have fun.

The City is also equipped with a Lab facility to help researchers in a cost efficient way to develop new therapies or find new ways to approach a diagnosis. The lab service platform in place will let you focus on your research instead of being concerned about equipment, material orders, etc.


Call for Proposals end on May 20th