Our Culture

Culture is an important concept for us, since we use our common values to build successful models that bring together The City, the entrepreneurs and the market. This is not just a passing sentiment that we leave here for you to contemplate, but a core issue that underpins how we will work effortlessly with you during your stay in The City. We want to remain cognizant of every aspect or goal we have delivered on during your journey with us. Because business is about people, we believe that culture is at the base of every positive outcome.


If you want to be the best, you must be unconditionally dedicated to your daily work. Accomplishing your goals requires an amount of effort and unwavering discipline to reach the market fast and in a competitive way. In the end, discipline will reduce time to market. The old saying still holds true: time is money


Today’s market and competitive environment compel us to adopt a highly professional approach that should never be neglected. Doing your best and performing in the most professional way is essential.


We want you to be global, and for that you must be ambitious. We are, and we expect you to be too.

Health & Fun

You are working on providing a new way to help people live better so you should not neglect yourself in the process. We have to take care of our health as well. Fun is part of a stimulating work environment and it plays an important role in your level of motivation and productivity, so we will make sure this is the place where you are healthy and enjoy a few relaxing, fun moments within the context of work.

Call for Proposals end on May 20th