João Cortina 2016-04-07 - 5724

Joan Cortina

Medical Director

Doctor by choice, business developer by nature.

Joan Cortina holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the Universitat de Lleida, Spain. He did his residency in Radiation Oncology at IPO Lisboa, was a Visiting Fellow at ICO, Barcelona, Spain, and is a consultant in Brachytherapy.
Joan Cortina has collaborated with several institutions such as CHUF, Laussane, Switzerland and Paul-Scherrer Institute, Proton Center Villigan, Switzerland.

He worked for 3 years as Senior on Radiation Oncology at IPO Lisboa, 5 years at Quadrantes Santarem and Quadrantes Lisboa and currently works at Hospital de Santiago, Setúbal.

He has developed several partnerships with public and private Hospitals in Portugal, Spain and Cape Verde
And he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of REDSEP.

He has been involved with the startups ecosystem as an investor, board member, advisor and entrepreneur himself since 2009
As Medical Director of the program, his main aim is to ensure that you are guided along the real needs of medicine and that feasibility is behind all incubated projects and value propositions.

Call for Proposals end on May 20th