Life Sciences Arena

Create your own Career Opportunities

 For PostDoctoral Researchers in Life Sciences Bootcamp 


We challenge all life sciences and medical postdoctoral fellows and students (BSc, MSc, medical students, engineers, PhDs) attending the meeting “Career Opportunities for PostDoctoral Researchers in Life Sciences” to get out of their comfort zone and participate in a business oriented bootcamp focusing on the health and well-being domains!!

All you need to do is believe that you have a business idea.


And we say believe because we know sometimes it can be difficult to know if you have it or not. We want you to submit your idea or science project, come to the bootcamp and discuss it with us. We will provide you the tools you need to validate it and to present it to an audience. And all for free!

Examples of business ideas:

  • a solution to an everyday laboratory problem;
  • an improvement to an existing equipment or method;
  • a concept or even a prototype of a medical device;
  • a new method for drug delivery or even a new drug;
  • a new type of cosmetic product;
  • a new approach to diagnostics and personalization of medical care;
  • a solution to an hospital logistics problem, from bed cleaning to managing patient nutrition;
  • a new consultancy service for health professionals;
  • a new app to manage toenail length or other equally important health and wellbeing aspects;
  • an idea for a theatre play to communicate public health information;
  • and so much more!!

This is the opportunity to change your mindset –  from bench to product or service; to apply your science and/or scientific training into a real solution to a problem that people may pay for. It is an opportunity to start exploring the idea of creating your own job!


All applicants will be invited to participate in a 1-day bootcamp at the Healthcare City office prior to the meeting where you will receive training on how to identify a potential business idea and how to pitch it.

After this, we will choose up to the best 5 teams who will pitch at the Life Sciences Arena at the Career Opportunities for PostDoctoral Researchers in Life Sciences Conference, November 24, in Cascais.


A jury will choose the winner of the Life Sciences Arena and the 3 best teams will get a direct pass to the Health Market Program, an 11-week intensive program on how to get you product or service from idea to the market.



Call for Proposals end on May 20th