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2 Job Vacancies @ Second Opinion

SecondOpinion is an exciting early stage eHealth startup. We are building a solution that is making it easier for hospital staff members to communicate amongst themselves. We currently have operations within Portugal, U.K and are in the process of expanding to other markets. We are looking for hard-working, honest and eager members to join our team. One who believes in our business and is excited to be working on it. This is a great prospect to be part of an exciting project.

Interested applicants should send their CV and a letter of intent to

Vacancy 1 – Medical Intern

We are looking for a medical student intern/medical student from 2nd -5th year

Skill set required:
– Understanding of Portuguese hospital system.
– Experience of data collection.
– Understanding of drafting manuscripts for publication.
– Previous publications welcomed, however not required.
– Good grasp of Portuguese and English.

Will be involved in:
– Publications.
– Data collection.
– Future projects.

Vacancy 2 – Computer Science Intern

We are looking for someone currently undertaking a degree in computer science or with the skill set outlined below.

Skill set required:
– Strong understanding of web based languages. HTML, XML and JavaScript.
– Experience of developing mobile apps.
– Understanding of JSON data structures.
– Good overall exposure to frameworks and a multitude of languages.
– Able to quickly understand and grasp new concepts and has an understanding on information security principles.

Will be involved in:

– Developments and updates to our hybrid application.
– Involvement and Management of our Mbaas.
– Assist with the roll-out of technological roadmap.
– Assisting with high level architecture and front/back-end restructure.
– Learn about business processes and data analytics.

Prospect of employment if all the circumstances permit.

Call for Proposals end on May 20th