Next Pitch Day for Incubation: September 2017


To Whom

To all entrepreneurs and startups struggling to launch their ideas in the market.


To be accepted into the Healthcare City, you need to submit your idea to our Incubation call. Then, your idea will be subject to two evaluation stages. The first stage is being chosen to come pitch your idea at one of our Pitch Days. The second stage is during the Pitch Day, in which you will be evaluated by our Screening Committee (SC), who will then make the final selection of which startups will be invited to join the Healthcare City incubator. Depending on several factors, such as the development stage and maturation of your idea, the SC will decide if you will be accepted to access our incubator.

What is included

If your team is admitted to incubate, then you will have access to:

Office and lab space;

Corporate services;

Direct access to all HCC events;

Access to specialized training courses;

HCC team’s daily dedication to help your business grow globally;

HCC Runway to Success;

HCC Founders: test pilots, sales structure, network, etc.

HCC network of mentors;

HCC network of investors;

But what is it? It’s a Runway to Success!

During your incubation period at the Healthcare City, you will be given a very well defined roadmap and milestones to achieve. We call it the Healthcare City Runway to Success. We will be constantly asking you how much runway you have left. And there are only two options: either you airborne or you crash!

HCC Journey + VCW


The City Team and Founders will support you in every phase on the Runway to Success, and our primary goal is to put your business in the global market.  Also, your entrance in the market will be proportionally faster with your physical presence in our facilities. Taking that into consideration we expect your full commitment to your project and that you and/or your team spend a considerable amount of time every month in Lisbon working with us.

During your journey at the Healthcare City, you will have access to several courses and workshops that will help you to develop your business. These courses are just one of the tools the HCC gives you, but what we will be really focused on is taking your startup to market. Visit our Program page to see what courses we have already planned for you.

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Application Form

To apply to Incubation, go to our Calls page.

Please make sure you read our Fees, Benefits and Conditions before applying.

We give no money and get no equity.

Our business model is much simpler and attractive.

Call for Proposals end on May 20th