High Jump

To Whom

For those who have a well established product and want to take their startup to the next level. You already went through acceleration, mentoring programs, etc, and what you really need is to find the right investor or buyer for your product.

To be a high jumper, you need to fulfill these criteria:

 Have a product or service that can expand to international market;

 Have sales;

Have a dedicated team.


To apply to be a high jumper all you need to do is submit your info on the form below, arrange an interview with us, either in person or via Skype, and be selected to pitch to our Founders on our next Pitch Day.


What is included

If your team is admitted to High Jump, then you will also have access to:

Office and lab space (optional);

Corporate services;

Direct access to all HCC events;

HCC team’s daily dedication to help your business grow globally;

HCC Founders: test pilots, sales structure, network, etc.

HCC network of mentors;

HCC Private Investor Club;

HCC network of investors (BAs & VCs).


Please make sure you read our Fees, Benefits and Conditions before applying.

We give no money and get no equity.

Our business model is much simpler and attractive.

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Call for Proposals end on May 20th