Health Market Program – 1st edition


Get your idea or product ready to sell in an 11-week intensive program

“Health Market Program was built thinking in all entrepreneurs who need help to reach the market”

Together with the Healthcare City team, startups will be “immersed” in the healthcare business sector for 11 weeks. After 11 weeks you should be ready to start implementing your product or service in the healthcare industry, in one of our Founders or in other industry partners. We want you to get into the market after this program, and therefore we are only looking for entrepreneurs 100% committed with their businesses.

Briefly, by participating in Health Market Program you will get:

  • Guidance on how to build your business model;
  • Workshops on health market trends, consumer behavior, health regulatory issues, medical data protection, IP, branding and marketing, internationalization strategies, and more. These will be lectured by our partners (listed bellow) but also by experts from our Founders.
  • Prototyping (1 prototype per team);
  • Weekly reports and evaluation on the progress made;
  • Weekly individual mentoring sessions with mentors (listed bellow) and HCC team;
  • Inspirational talks;
  • Healthy moments;
  • Access to private investors;
  • Pitch intensive preparation;
  • Pitch Day to our Founders.

“This is not an acceleration program. It’s a go-to-market or die-trying program.”



We don’t have prizes. At the end of this program you will have:

A validated business model.

A chance to go to market.

The goal of the program is to prepare you for one of the hardest moments in a startup’s life: selling to the industry, in this case to our Founders. Only here you can be admitted to become part of our ecosystem, implement your product in the market and start your national and global sales.

A chance to get funding up to 1 Million €

The Healthcare City Private Investor Club, a group of individual investors willing to invest up to 1M€ in startups in any stage of development. The investors will be around during the program and you will get the chance to talk to them and get their feedback.


Prototyping services will be available for everyone who wishes to have something to show. The Healthcare City established a partnership with FCT FabLab. Fab labs are a global network of local labs, enabling invention by providing access to tools for digital fabrication.

Services available:

  • 3D printer;
  • Small milling machine;
  • Laser cutter;
  • Vynil cutter;
  • Electronic equipment;
  • Hotte.

We also have a partner who will help you to build your website in 48 hours.


This program is free of charge. All pre-selected teams can participate in the 11-weeks program. At the end of the program, the teams selected to integrate the Healthcare City will be subject to our Fees, Benefits & Conditions.


Everything will happen in our 1000 sqm office at Taguspark, just 15 minutes away from Lisbon city center. There are several public transports to get here.


The program will start October 2 and will last until December 14, when you will Pitch to our Screening Committee.


It will be intense, that’s for sure, but we want you to feel comfortable and happy while chasing your business model. Suits and ties are forbidden, the use of t-shirts is encouraged. This office can become your second home: we have a nap room, a fully equipped kitchen and fruit available, meeting rooms, a great terrace to get your daily dose of vitamin D, healthy and fun moments, and much more.

Take a look at what happened at the Cardio Arena Mentoring Day to have a glimpse of how Health Market Program will be and to our News page to see all the events we had at our office.


We accept applications from a single person with a great idea to a startup already in place. However, you have to understand that you might have to change simple but important things like the way you define your customers, your value proposition, your financial plan and the way you present to investors. You need to be open to change. Our program is intensive and your participation during the 11 weeks is mandatory to complete it successfully and to get the chance to pitch to our Founders.


We get applications from more than 45 different countries and we really enjoy having this mixture of cultures. Portugal is a great place for you to spend 11 weeks: we have an affordable living cost, good lifestyle, sun almost all year and a great ecosystem for startups.

If you are coming to Portugal we can assist you on where to live, visa questions, cost of living, etc. Please address your questions to


Program Partners







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Industry Partners


Fundadores + grupos internacionais





A perfect match between a mentor and a startup can have a huge impact in a startup life. Therefore, we make sure that our mentors are fully committed with our program and our teams and that their experience and know how will be crucial to help our teams to reach their goals. The Health Market Program mentors are a group of highly experienced people with a strong relationship to the startup world. You will get access to Head Managers of Innovation to CEO and CIO of companies.

Mauricio Teixeira

Mauricio Teixeira

Country Head, MJV Portugal

Cristina Varela

Cristina Varela

Associate Director, Chiltern Portugal

Pedro Mota_3

Pedro Mota

IT Business Senior Manager & Consultant

Paulo Leitão

Paulo Leitão

CIO, Whymob

Fernando Peixoto

Fernando Peixoto

Entrepreneur. Former CEO & Founder, Pixeon

Paulo Pires

Paulo Pires

CEO, Whymob & COO, Oramix

Nuno Carvalho - 2016-03-18 -5163

Nuno Carvalho

CEO, Healthcare City

Catia Ferreira

Cátia Ferreira

Senior Consultant, Grupo LCG



Joan Cortina

Medical Director, Healthcare City

José Leal

Scientific Director, Healthcare City & Executive Director, Ophiomics

João Cardoso

João Cardoso

Key Account Manager, UCC Coffee

João Horta

João Horta

Associate, NAVES Venture Capital

Luis Costa

Luis Costa

TAX Lawyer, Banco BPI

António Nogueira

António Nogueira

Senior Executive, Business Consultancy

Luis Pires

Luis Pires

Project Manager, Vodafone


Call for Proposals end on May 20th