HCC Workshop’s series – Wrap Up

The main goal of the HCC Workshop’s series was to bring experts to approach topics we knew to be of our entrepreneurs’ greatest interest. The workshops happened weekly during the first semester of 2017 and were exclusively for the HCC startups.

These were the topics that were discussed, and that we considered to be a huge success:

  • What happens during an investment process? How an investor (mainly VC’s) enters your company? The legal aspects.
  • The dysfunctional beliefs of the entrepreneur.
  • Fundraising – Business Angels
  • Communication plan for startups
  • H2020 funds
  • Market Trends in Healthcare
  • Finance and business plan 101
  • Marketing plan for startups
  • Business accounting
  • Intelectual Property
  • Protection and use of data

We would like to thank to our partners who kindly agreed to share their knowledge with our startups. The HCC Workshop’s series is now on hold since new things are coming for our entrepreneurs… stay tuned!


Call for Proposals end on May 20th