NOVA Medical School|Faculdade de Ciências Médicas (NMS|FCM) is an academic unit of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa since 1977. Currently NMS|FCM has 1.660 students in the Integrated Master Degree in Medicine, 576 postgraduate students and a total of 516 professors and researchers.

NMS|FCM is the Medical School with the best tutor/student ratio (1/3) during the clinical years in Portugal. It is associated with several health units, allowing a variety of learning environments and a morecomprehensive knowledge of hospital reality and primary health care. Furthermore, the students of NMS|FCM have had excellent results in the medical specialty assessment.

The NMS|FCM Research Campus provides the adequate environment for fundamental and clinical research.

The two research institutes of NMS|FCM are located in this venue:

CEDOC – Centro de Estudos de Doenças Crónicas (Chronic Diseases Research Centre), integrated in a R&D Unit, iNOVA4Health, classified as Excellent, and;

ToxOmics – Centro de Toxicogenómica e Saúde Humana (Centre for Toxicogenomics and Human Health).

In 2015, NMS|FCM was awarded the Ministry of Health Gold Medal for Distinguished Services. In the same year, together with the Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Central (CHLC), NMS|FCM created the University Medical Centre of Lisbon (Centro Médico Universitário de Lisboa – CMUL), that grants a better clinical training and research.


Janssen, The Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, are dedicated to addressing and solving some of the most important unmet medical needs of our time in oncology, immunology, neuroscience, infectious diseases and vaccines, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Driven by our commitment to patients, we bring innovative products, services and solutions to people throughout the world. We recognize the impact of serious conditions on people’s lives, and we aim to empower people through disease awareness, education and access to quality care.

Our research and development strategy focuses on identifying medical needs, and harnessing the best science in the world, whether from our own laboratories, or through strategic relationships and collaborations.

We believe transparency of clinical trial data advances science and medicine and is in the best interest of the patients who use our pharmaceutical products and providers who prescribe them.


Lusíadas is a brand that encompasses several health establishments – hospitals and clinics from north to south of Portugal. Lusíadas Saúde was the first private health group with 3 hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International – Hospital Lusíadas Porto, Hospital Lusíadas Lisboa​ and​ Hospital de Cascais (PPP).

This distinction from JCI is an efficient management and hospital health and safety assessment tool, it reinforces the innovation and differentiation of Lusíadas Hospitals pertaining to the safety of the processes and procedures which involve patients, its internal operations and the care in the service provided. Since the foundation in 1998, Lusíadas Saúde Group distinguishes itself through excellence, innovative and prestige services.

Our main focus is to take care of our clients. Being one of the major health groups in Portugal, with nearly 20 years of experience, our goal is to provide the best available resources and means to our clients, counting with over 4500 healthcare professionals that assisted with top of the range technology provide exceptional conditions in all Lusíadas facilities, translating the group´s mission and compromise to better serve our clients and improve continuously.

Médis is a health insurer, pioneer in launching the managed care concept in Portugal in 1996.

It is country’s leading health insurance brand, with multiple awards and recognitions given by consumers, which currently include Trusted Brand and Superbrand. Médis DNA incorporates innovation and excellence and so accordingly its insurance plans have distinctive features such as a complete and excelling Providers network, unique services like the Médis Personal Physician or Médis 24/7 phone line, where nurses can provide advice in health issues.

Médis provides a special attention to customer proximity where examples like the Médis app or website service clearly stand out in the market. Médis value proposition turned it into the choice of more than half a million customers, with its products being distributed by major players including reference banks and insurers.

More than just insurance, Médis looks at customers with the aim to turn its claim into reality, Médis is good for your health (Médis, Faz bem à Saúde).

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