What is the Healthcare City and how can I access it?

We are a startup incubator (not accelerator). Our main goal is to help healthcare and wellbeing startups to launch their business in the global market. On our website you can find more information about us, about our ecosystem and our amazing team.

There are three ways to be accepted into the Healthcare City, depending on the maturity stage of your startup. You can find more information here.

What is the main difference between Kick Off and Incubation?

Kick Off is for startups that are just starting and the main idea is that by having access to the HCC ecosystem, you will be constantly challenged by the HCC team and other neighboring startups as a way to develop your startup and mature your business plan well enough for it to be pitched to the Screening Committee for acceptance to the incubation program.

 Do you invest in startups and how much equity do you take?

We do not invest in startups, and we give no money for accomodation or any other expenses. Our business model is slightly different, and much more attractive from our point of view. You can find more information here.

Are you only looking for startups?

No. You may well be an already established 20-employee company with a great idea but still struggling to grow in a global context, or a lone entrepreneur needing help to structure his business to expand it worldwide. We have a Runway to Success, a roadmap for startups that are part of Incubation, and that will be adapted according to your stage and needs. However, if you are still developing your business idea, i.e. if you are in Kick Off phase, we will help you developing it to the point were you will be admitted to Incubation and start your path on our Runway to Success.

What kind of projects do you accept?

We are looking for all types of health care and wellbeing-related products and services such as digital health, devices, services, clinical and biomedical research, etc.


How can I apply?

Our Kick Off call is always open, and you can apply here.

The Incubation call will have several deadlines during the year. We will select the startups to come pitch to our Screening Committee in what we call the Pitch Day. The Screening Committee will then select the startups that will be invited to incubate. Keep an eye on our website and social pages to find out more about the deadlines and Pitch Day dates.

In addition, we have several calls running, and you can check the ones presently open here.

What is expected from my pitch?

During your pitch, and in order to convince our fierce Screening Committee, you need to clearly explain:

  • The opportunity, i.e., the problem you are solving;
  • Your solution and your value proposition;
  • Your market: who, where, size;
  • The plan: how are you going to do it;
  • Where your advantage lies and who your competitors are;
  • The team;
  • Your numbers (if you have any).

You can find more tips here.


Can I incubate within the Healthcare City without moving to Lisbon?

The City Team and Founders will support you in every phase of your journey in the Healthcare City, and our primary goal is to put your business in the global market.  Also, your entrance in the market will be proportionally faster with your physical presence in our facilities. Taking that into consideration we expect your full commitment to your project and that you and/or your team spend a considerable amount of time every month in Lisbon working with us.

Can you get us visas?

No, but you can benefit from the conditions we have negotiated with our corporate service partners, namely companies that help people who are moving abroad.

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Call for Proposals end on May 20th