Cross Skills

Everyone is good at something. Not having an idea does not mean you cannot become the next successful entrepreneur, and that is the reason we have opened “cross skills,” the place where you indicate your strongest skills. Many of the creators of great ideas can lack the right skills in management, sales, marketing, etc. They may start out alone and in need of help in areas that are fundamental for their business. Finding a person skilled in matters that are also relevant is a must for any entrepreneur. Instead of paying a sales person or a marketing expert, why not bring onboard someone who has that experience and has also an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Putting skills together reduces costs for startups, fills needs between people, and helps startups to grow. If you feel you have that skill you can add to a great project, then fill in the form below. Your profile will be sent to our entrepreneurs and they will contact you if they consider you a strong partner for their company.

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Call for Proposals end on May 20th