Healthcare City Workshop’s series

The main goal of the HCC Workshop’s series is to bring experts to approach topics we know to be of our entrepreneurs greatest interest. The workshops happen weekly (except when we have BF or other similar events) at Fridays morning, and are exclusively for the HCC startups.

These are the kind of topics we have been exploring:

  • What happens during an investment process? How an investor (mainly VC’s) enters your company?
  • The dysfunctional beliefs of the entrepreneur.
  • Fundraising – Business Angels
  • Communication plan for startups
  • H2020 funds
  • Market Trends in Healthcare
  • Finance and business plan 101
  • Marketing plan for startups
  • Business accounting
  • Intelectual Property
  • Protection and use of data
  • and much more…


Innovation & Value Creation in Healthcare by VCW



During the last years the Healthcare industry in Portugal did significant investments in Innovation and R&D. Companies operating in this sector have to compete in a global scale and as such had the pressure to become receptive towards an innovation culture and value creation, which are now driving forces of development in the healthcare sector supported by management processes, collaboration and co-creation.

The course “Innovation & Value Creation in Healthcare” will help to better implement the innovation process, create and capture value in biotechnology and healthcare, and better understand the process of technology-transfer to the market, through the application of the Value Creation Wheel (VCW) tool. The VCW results from 20 years of partnerships with companies, researchers, entrepreneurs and/or start-ups, namely in the fields of bio- and healthcare.

More information on expected date soon.

Call for Proposals end on May 20th