Coming to HCC

You have 2 different ways to access the Healthcare City, and it all depends on the maturity level of your idea/project:

Health Market Program

Health Market Program is an 11-week intensive program built thinking in all entrepreneurs who need help to reach the market. This is the highway for you to access our Founders and other industry partners.

Health Market Program will have 2 annually calls.

Deadline to apply: September 24



On the other side, High Jump is for mature startups that have a product or service ready to scale at an international level, that already have sales and that have a dedicated team.

High Jump will have 3 annually calls.

Next deadline: September 21


Once you are part of the Healthcare City family, i.e., you finished Health Market Program and were selected or you’re a High Jumper, you will have access to:

Services at HCC - Sept 2017


Call for Proposals end on May 20th