Because we know you need to stay keenly focused on your ideas, we will be continuously working with different institutions to bring you the best price/quality ratio available for the services you need. You can benefit from the conditions we have negotiated with our corporate service partners, where you can choose from the partners listed here below, or seek out your own partners, if you prefer:





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Clinical Research / Translational Medicine




Agendo is a platform where you can easily reserve your equipment for your research in an organized way. This is one of the greatest advantages for researchers as this removes the need to buy most of the equipment that would normally be needed during any research period. The Healthcare City charges only on a pay-per-use basis, depending on the equipment reserved.


LabOrders is also a great benefit for researchers. With this platform you can order more than 3,000 products with significant advantages in price, with a complete order process, including a variety of approval levels within your company members and product delivery to the premises. To use LabOrders, you will need to pay a flat fee per month only. No commission is paid or received on your orders.

Research Services


Because conducting research requires a wide range of services, we have already established an array of services for you in our Ecosystem which you can benefit from.

Within the NOVA Medical School there are a variety of research support services, including a dedicated unit supporting Clinical Trials  (from writing and submission to monitoring and managing), Clinical pathology, Histology, research support facilities, including Biostatistics, Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, tissue culture,  amongst others. In addition, NOVA medical school is the Portuguese node of the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network ECRIN.

In addition, in nearby institutions there is a wide array of equipment’s and facilities available to participants in the HealthCare City program, which include Genomics and High Throughput Sequencing, Proteomics, GMP-certified production, Pilot scale production facilities (fermentation, extraction and purification), Protein Production, Biobanks, Multiple Animal houses (rodents, fish, fly, etc.), Several bioimaging units offering from the latest electron microscopes to the most advanced ultra resolution optical microscopy, sophisticated analytical services with multiple technological platforms ranging from NMR, Mass Spectrometry, Gas Chromatography, Atomic absorption spectroscopy, to name a few. In short, there is little that a company cannot access in terms of equipment’s and services within the HealthCare City Network, and a dedicated team will work with entrepreneurs to identify the best service providers and access conditions.

Portugal integrates multiple European Research Infrastructures (ECRIN, ELIXIR, EMMA, INSTRUCT, INFRAFRONTIER, etc…), mapped to its own Research Infrastructures Roadmap, which makes it easy to access an European-level research infrastructure.




Collaborative services will help your product to grow by using specific resources from our co-developer partners. Imagine that you need to proceed with something that needs an additional function or piece of equipment with which you have little experience. Our partners listed below will help you to go that extra mile you need. We will be continuously working on increasing the co-developer partners to fill more needs in the future, as they arise.



Call for Proposals end on May 20th