Cardio Arena – Mentoring Day and Selection Pitch – 25 & 26 March 2017

In association with the Portuguese Cardiology Society and Johnson & Johnson Medical, the Healthcare City by Nova Medical School (HCC) runned a call for innovative ideas in Cardiology.

13 teams got the chance to participate on a Mentoring Day, lectured by our partners VCW, with the goal of improving their pitch. In the end these teams presented their ideas/projects to a jury who had the hard task of choosing 5 teams to participate on the Cardio Arena Final Challenge.

It was so hard that they ended up choosing 6!!

These 6 teams will now have the opportunity to pitch their ideas at the Congresso Português de Cardiologia 2017 to a jury who will choose the winner of the Cardio Arena 2017.

This is what happened during the Mentoring Day and the Pitch Day.

Call for Proposals end on May 20th