About us

The Healthcare City by Nova Medical School is the right place for any entrepreneur with an innovative idea and ambition to push forward and grow globally. We are not just looking for startups: you may well be an already established 20-employee company with a great idea but still struggling to grow in a global context, or a lone entrepreneur needing help to structure his business to expand it worldwide. Our true goal is to take your idea globally in the Healthcare sector and reduce the mortality startup business rate, with the powerful Ecosystem within The City.

One of the reasons startups fail is that they are unable to reach the market easily, and that is why we have already found the best way to approach the market. Thanks to our Founders Janssen for Johnson & Johnson, Medis from Ocidental Group and Lusíadas from AMIL and UnitedHealth, we can help you to test the market closely and sell through their own sales structure.

The Healthcare City by Nova Medical School is based in Lisbon, Portugal, but here is just where your journey will start to reach the world. With a large international network associated with our Founders and other partners, we are just a step from any other continent.

Our Ecosystem will allow you to develop any idea and take it to success, be it a simple app or even a large-scale project involving clinical research.

Come achieve the pinnacle of success as you work in our vibrant and motivating environment, one where you can even benefit from our unique lifestyle-related activities which of course allow you some well-deserved relaxation along the way.

Our mission is to take successful ideas worldwide to improve people’s health and lifestyle, together with the healthcare industry and through a powerful ecosystem.

Culture is also an important concept for us, since we use our common values to build successful models that bring together The City, the entrepreneurs and the market. This is not just a passing sentiment that we leave here for you to contemplate, but a core issue that underpins how we will work effortlessly with you during your stay in The City. We want to remain cognizant of every aspect or goal we have delivered on during your journey with us. Because business is about people, we believe that culture is at the base of every positive outcome.





Call for Proposals end on May 20th